Our Story

Impact Teens Goldsboro Incorporated "Impact Teens", is a federally tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded by brothers, Khalil J. Cobb, and Ja'Shawn Faire. An onslaught of repeated gun violence, in which teenagers were victims of gunfire, is what sparked the desire to take action. The organization was created to fill an underlying need for gang intervention, conflict resolution, leadership development, and interpersonal skills. Unfortunately, we are at a time when African American youth are in peril, being as such it was imperative that we began an initiative aimed at mental and spiritual growth, as well as accountability, so as to develop a roadmap to success.


In the wake of the violence that ripped Wayne County, we planned a City Wide Prayer Vigil, to mourn the loss of the lives taken. The event enlisted the participation of various city officials, news reporters, community leaders, and citizens of Goldsboro for a show of unity. This marked our 1st initiative aimed at promoting unity and taking a stance against violence. The level of support and enthusiasm was great, being as such a City-Wide Peace Walk was scheduled as the 2nd initiative. The walk visited the sites of the slain, at which time we had a moment of silence at which time we offered prayers. Recognitions of their life accomplishments and contributions to our community also shared with those in attendance.


As an organization, we continue to strive to provide various events aimed at bringing awareness to the minds of teens and promote unity. In all, we would love to see better conflict resolution, a stop to bullying, increased pride in one’s self as well as in the community in which one lives. Being as such, we have launched the following programs: A Different World, LeadU Mentoring, Life Talk, Impact Giving (Annual Toy Drive, Food Drive, and Blood Drive), Garments 4 Hope and the Adopt A Highway which allows us to assist in keeping our city clean and vibrant.


Impact Teens strives to continuously provide community updates to citizens within our community which allows us to form strong relationships with government officials. Alongside that, Impact Teens continuously partners with local businesses, nonprofits, and city officials to provide programs for teens in the community to participate in.

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The Opportunity to Serve

Impact Teens believes that demonstrating a commitment to our communities through compassionate actions and stewardship of time, resources, and talents are what service is all about.


Aiding Teens/Young Adults

Impact Teens believes that pouring into teens and young adults through mentorship is the first step in creating leaders. This allows us to impact future generations.  


Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Impact Teens develop leaders. Leadership provides vision and purpose in life through inspiration, dedication, and loyalty. We set positive examples and invest into others so that they will follow the guidelines of leadership.


Advocates for Change

Impact Teens are firm believers that we can anticipate change and shape it to fit our purpose. Acknowledging the weaknesses within our communities and figuring out strategies to overcome them. 



Khalil j. cobb

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Khalil is a 22-year-old senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he studies Political Science with a concentration in public affairs. Alongside Impact Teens, Khalil is actively involved in Student Government Associate, UNCG's NBS Gospel Choir and NCAT's Couture Productions. He's also the graphic designer and website designer for the entire organization. Khalil is the driving force of the entire organization, the one who makes sure everything starts promptly and run smoothly. He's also known as the heart of the organization, he spends each day working hard to make sure Impact Teens continues to succeed. His passion is strong for our organization.



Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Ja'Shawn is a 20-year-old student studying Landscape Management at Wayne Community College. Alongside Impact Teens he runs a successful lawn care business "Faire's Lawn Care" and an apparel line called " Jay's Apparel." He also serves as a deacon at Faith Presbyterian Church and as a funeral director assistant at Serenity Memorial Funeral Home. Ja'Shawn is the voice of the entire organization, he's the one who speaks mostly on the behalf of the organization. As the voice of the organization, he spends each day making sure information is being spread about Impact Teens. He continues to make sure teens get connected with our organization.